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Movie Review: Playing with Fire 2019 (NETFLIX)

Friday night we decided to have a family movie night where I found something we could all watch and was surprisingly good. Even with John Cena in it. 🙂

Playing with Fire is about a group of Fire Fighters or in this movie they were called smokejumpers.

The story and plot start are small but this movie has heart. Worth watching with your entire family this is a movie you can watch with younger kids although my nearly 3 year old started throwing stuff at my wife in one of the scenes near the end of the movie that was like they were playing dodgeball and we had to stop the movie and explain to my little one that this is a movie and you do not throw things at mummy.

John Cena plays a role that is like if he was turning heel in the WWE and a cross between Sheldon in The Big Bang Theory. Strange combo but honestly watch it and you can see that he is not aware of social cues and human interaction.

The element of fire was part of this movie but was not the key to the movie’s message.

It was about love finding yourself and family.

This was done by the mid-ranged A-class actors that really brought the story home.

The other outstanding performances were the 3 kids and that we’re playing the kids that were saved from the burning house.

John Cena’s love interest was played by Judy Greer. Judy is the same lady from What Women Want Erin the file girl.

Judy role was kinda awkward and she was only playing off Johns role and it was kinda strange but made sense in the end and went to normality at the end of the movie.

You also have John Leguizamo in this movie and he I feel is typecast in these roles in movies. John does play the role well and all cast members play well in their roles with their on-screen kids that are part of the movie.

Keegan Michael-Key is in this movie and he plays what I feel is like a person that follows Cena around like a personal assistant all throughout the movie and the movie does explain it but I feel this was strange.

Tyler Mane played Axe he was something special I am not going to spoil it but he also looked like an overgrown WWE wrestler and really surprises you in this movie. Watch the movie just to see what he does. Major Points to him!!!

The last thing I want to describe this movie like it’s like watching home alone 1 & 2 and not the others it has that same physical comedy where a lot of accidents happen that are funny and even make mum and dad laugh my wife really enjoyed this.

Add this to your Netflix watch list and give it a go you will be surprised.


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