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Movie Review: 007 No Time to Die

I am going to try and review this movie that the wifey and I watched without any spoilers. Maybe discuss our date rather than the movie. An afternoon 3 hours without the little one. Thank you to Granny for babysitting.

After Covid restrictions had died down to the point that we do not have to wear masks anymore although I carry them with me just in case we go to a place they ask for us to wear it. This is the first time we went to the movies since the second last Fast and Furious movie Fast Furious 8.

This was our first Gold Class movie experience we had since 2017 the last Gold Class movie experience we had was Star Wars and I felt that a 007 Movie is fitting for a first-class gold class experience.

We ordered a bunch of food they bring it out to you on three different occasions during the movie and which is great cause it was a queue for me to know how much of the movie is left.

At the beginning of the movie, we got Chicken wings Fries and Sliders.

Then in the middle of the movie we got popcorn and then near the end with an hour to go we go churros with ice cream and we had a soft drink and water at the start. I have to say a large soft drink is not really large I do recommend getting a jumbo size outside in the normal candy bar and then bringing it into the Gold Class which they allow as I asked them about Caramel Pop Corn which they do not offer in Gold Class.

We had a great experience at Northlakes event cinemas and I recommend it to anyone that wishes to go. Also, the gold class tickets are cheaper than what they used to be before the Covid 19 period.

Ok now to the movie without spoiling it.

Bond is back better than ever and it’s a non-stop action flick although I don’t feel the car plays a massive role this time besides one scene. It was so quick I don’t even remember if it was an Ason Martin or not.

The Theme is done by Billie Ellish and it was ok your typical track.

Rami Malak plays his role well although I was looking at him and thinking he could play Michael Jackson if they do a biopic on him.

The movie went for nearly 3 hours and I felt it was like 30mins too long the last 30mins I was looking at my watch beyond that I was hungry and waiting for the dishes to arrive at the right times which it did. 🙂

After we had the 3 sittings of food there was 40mins to go and then I decided it was time to recline my chair and chill until the end and we watched and stayed in our seats till the very end of the credits so I do recommend that.

Any movie fan Bond or otherwise should watch this flick!!!

9/10 Not suitable for kiddies

Totally worth watching in the Movie Theatres!!!

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