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TV Show Reviews: Queen of the South Season 2 (NETFLIX)

The other day I finally got through season 2 of Queen of the South and I am finally up to date with when I stopped watching the show when I had my daughter be born in 2018.

Yes, it’s been a while.

In Season 2 the characters are set and we build on the story about the battle between Camila and Espi her on and off again Ex-husband or current husband.

The war between the 2 escalates and it is being controlled by Espi’s General, General Cortex played by Yancey Arias and he plays the role so well that you really hate him and cannot wait to see his demise.

I don’t drink but do you guys who have watched this think that the number of people that die in this show could be a non-alcoholic drinking game 🙂 lol

We see some people die off as mentioned and some characters come back to a surprise.

The big thing that occurs in this season are Theresa Mendoza is building her own brand and building herself to take over as Camila tries to hold onto power by secretly throwing Thersa Mendoza and others under the bus.

So in season 2 instead of having 2 rival gangs we have 3 gangs that one wants to go out on her own and make a name for herself and as Theresa is seeing herself as The Queen of the South in visions she is having to risk it all to get to her end goal.

Now without spoiling any more of the season I am going to mention my favourite characters. Pote although plays this hardcore gangster that chooses Theresa Mendoza as the new Queen seems to be a real teddy bear sweetheart underneath the character.

I do highly recommend this show if you have not started any of these Narcos shows and this is one of the shows you should watch if you watched Narcos it has to be on your list for Netflix.

Queen of the South is the chick flick version of Narcos and believe me in the first 2 seasons it is more brutal than Narcos was.

A lot of actors got their start on this show and well I mean the role they had on this show was their break out show, Brenda, that actress went on to shows like Jane the Virgin & One Day at a Time

The other good element in the show is that it’s a mix of English and Spanish and no I cannot speak or understand Spanish but I am bilingual and can tell you sometimes to stress an emotion over it’s better in another language than English.

I finish off this review by saying cant wait to start season 3 after I watch another show in between 🙂 I am sure season 3 will be amazing :).

This show is not suitable for the kids and any other people that cannot handle just killing and violence for the heck of it.

Season 2 is a strong continuation to season 1 7.5/10 only this low because I really want to see it grow in season 3.

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