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Movie Review: Maleficent (2014) Disney+

On a lazy Saturday morning, the wife and I decided to give Disney+ a go and watch Maleficent (Shoutout to A+A).

We choose this as my wife found part 2 on the streaming channel and I had not even seen part 1.

I remember when this came out in 2014 I was unsure about this movie and may have forgotten that it had come from the mouse house. The movie for me like reading a book by its cover felt a little dark and you had to be in a certain midframe to be ready to watch this. Gladly I was wrong. This is a new spin on sleeping beauty and the definition of “True Love”

Before I get into the cast let’s talk about Angelina Jolie and how Angelina and Elle Fanning and how these two on their own carried the entire movie and really did make you get the feels.

Although you had Juno Temple and Lesley Manville and many others the main two leading cast members were these two ladies that carried the movie.

You can see how Disney perfectly built the fairytale universe and gave you the audience a new spin on an old tale and made it for today’s culture young people and a wider audience.

I would love to listen to this in audiobook format as long as the story is descriptive and can immerse you into that world.

Going back to the fairytale universe it really was amazing with the special effects of the tiny fairies and Maleficent’s wings and how they worked.

I remember while watching the movie I felt like I was watching and looking at some characters that you could get from the Harry Potter world.

I would love now as I have finally caught up with my wife and more power to her for sitting and watching this with me again and yes our little one actually watched this with us and we asked if she liked it and she did. As I asked her she said, “It was good Daddy” 🙂

Although some themes can be slightly adult and scenes can be a tad dark to immerse you into that world it is something that all the family can watch and enjoy.

Maleficent really redefines the definition of family and should open your eyes if that whole part of life and what family really means.

This movie has a Heart!!!

A Walt Disney Masterclass and I would add this to any collection you have.

Ohh and a little easter egg for you all. Did you know Disney+ shows you Deleted Scenes like the good old days when you bought a DVD and there were DVD extra features Disney+ brings back that experience for you?

Netflix Stan and the others raise your game and not your prices 🙂

Highly Recommend a solid 8/10!!!

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