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Movie Review: KATE (NETFLIX)

Today I had a chance to be home alone with no distractions. I decided to give this movie called “KATE” a whirl and as much as I like the action all throughout the movie I felt like had watched this before and the review or blurb on Netflix stated this movie was a cross between John Wick and Crank.

To me, this movie was a combination of Jolt with Kate Beckinsale and John Wick.

Due to this being too much like Jolt and Jolt came out before KATE did it was too much of the same thing as a cheap knockoff.

The young girl in the movie reminded me of the anime cartoon “Sailor Moon” she had her hair tied up in that way.

The cast in Jolt had a much more recognizable cast whereas Kate only really had the leading lady Mary Elizabeth Winstead looking at her IMDB profile the only movie that I had seen her before in was Gemini Man and even that I do not remember anyone else being in it besides Will Smith being a twin.

The only other person that was noteworthy was the original “White Man Can’t Jump guy and the Hunger Games dude Woody Harelson as always he knows how to play a character that you do not know if he is good or bad until the very end.

Like Jolt Kate was built to be an Assasin out of loss of family when she was a child and Kate was taken down a path and you are on that adventure down the rabbit hole and unlike The Matrix, you do not get to choose what colour pill you are going to take you just do what you are told.

If Kate and Jolt were brought out a few years apart then maybe I could have enjoyed it more without thinking this is already done before and we know Hollywood does remakes and movies copy each other but to have the same movie done twice in the same year well that was like wrong.

If you like action flicks that you do not have to think about and as much as this movie tries to get you emotionally connected and invested well it disconnected with me and it was more a movie just to unwind and relax with without caring about the end and you already know what was going to happen at the end.

Also, the other movie reference this movie can be given is that it’s kinda like Killy Bill a kick-ass chick looking for the final boss to kill.

This movie is based in Japan and ohh a little easter egg it has a scene where they get a T-shirt from a vending machine.

To wrap this up it’s not suitable for kiddies as advised no one was home so I watch a pointless action flick.

I had to give this a thumbs down on Netflix and I would give it a 3/10

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