Movie Review: Doctor (NETFLIX)

The movie was about a Doctor that falls in love with a girl your typical Bollywood story in the beginning and he goes off to the army to sav

On a lazy afternoon, I decided to watch something different with no kiddie interruptions. Doctor is an Indian I would classify it as a B grade Bollywood production.

The length of the movie as always was long and for this movie, I feel that it could have been done in 90mins rather than over 2 hours.

The movie was about a Doctor that falls in love with a girl your typical Bollywood story in the beginning and he goes off to the army to save and help the wounded soldiers.

While on assignment his fiance calls him and leaves a voicemail and break their engagement over the phone and it was kinda strange. Then the movie takes 10mins to tell you their love story through song and I have to say it probably was the best song throughout the entire movie compared to the rest of the songs.

He comes back from serving at the war and tries to understand and sits down with his ex brides family to understand what went wrong. This whole scene was something out of The Bing Bang Theory the Doctor had no great verbal skills and as his Ex states his emotionally disconnected.

This whole scene sets up the movie as a comedy and well this is what I thought and then it takes a turn to be a kidnap movie and goes off the cliff sideways and you do not know if you are watching a comedy or a dramatic cinematic piece with a social justice message and because it gives you the audience mixed messages you are not sure if you should invest in it. As I can handle lengthy movies I stayed the course and watched it.

However, the movie had a great opportunity to talk about the serious topic of kidnapping and human trafficking and it missed the opportunity on this in a major way.

This topic about girls being kidnapped and human traffic is an important international message that should have been given more of a serious tone and less comedic and even the serious stages were lightened with humour like what a stand-up comedian does when trying to send a message across but with the media of movies this could have been more done better. I hope that the A production of Bollywood take this movie and redo it and really send the message that needs to be told.

The Doctor is portrayed as a person with no feelings but has a superhero complex.

I really cannot recommend this movie but if you can sit through 2 hours and 40mins and really focus you can see the important message the movie is trying to tell you.

The message itself is a 10 out of 10. The movie for me is a 3/10.

A movie that had potential but was only average.

I should also say if you did not figure it out already this is a foreign language movie with subtitles on Netflix if you are not in it for reading subtitles then this is not for you.

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