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Movie Review: Home Alone 3 (Disney+)

On a lazy afternoon, the family and I decided to watch a family-friendly movie. We decided to go down the old road watching a movie that they went back t other well time after time to squeeze more money and Home Alone 3 well when it came out in 1997 I was not a big fan because there is only one Kevin Mcalister and this would not be the same.–dDh4axI

Although the same production team behind it John Hughes and the same soundtrack to give you the feels it really was not the same. It had its own separate storyline and he was not lost and there were no holidays the kid got stuck at home with Chickenpox and was in the neighbourhood while a government classified piece of tech was lost while travelling in the airport and this somehow got to the hands of young Alex and the whole story was that the three people were trying to get the tech back to sell to the North Koreans so they can make money not caring about the ramifications that this will cause.

The cast was not great but surprisingly it has a young Scarlett Johansson and I did not even pick her up in the movie my wife did she had a small part playing the older sister to Alex.

If you are going to compare this to the first 2 instalments of Home Alone you will come out disappointed as the whole thing is a separate story on its own and should not be judged on the same level.

My wife stated that the other parts get worse and she did not mind this 3rd part.

All in all a good family flick but nothing like the originals.

A standard 5/10

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