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Movie Reviews: Maleficent: Mistress of Evil (2019) Disney+

Today a week later the wife and I got around and I caught up to where the wife was up to in this series of Maleficent. The family and I sat down and watch the sequel to Maleficent Mistress of Evil.

We are returned to the Maleficent fantasy world and again the world between the moors and the humans.

Once again the peace is shaken up between the Moors and the Humans again due to some historical stuff that could have been sorted out if calm heads prevail.

Of course, this does not happen and we are again thrown into the chaos of the war between the moor world and the humans and we get to see the war actually happen this time and it occurs on an occasion that should be the union of two kingdoms.

Angelina and Ella are back for Part 2 and the rest are new and again it spins the old nursery rhyme and I love this because it’s more realistic than the normal Disney fairytale.

Again this is suitable for all ages younger kids under 10 should be watched with parental guidance.

I love the special features in this movie it really takes you into the fairytale land where you are immersed into that world and the special effects are excellent and you escape for over 2 hours.

Disney+ has some great choices for the entire family and I said it in the last review and I will say it in this one the fact that you have special features like a DVD is great you get to see featurettes and other behind the scene videos that make you feel part of the film.

You have Michelle Phiffer in this movie as the Queen mother of the groom and well her role is special and it’s good to see Michelle in something like this. The last good movie I remember seeing with Michelle and it’s not that she has not made other good movies but I loved Dangerous Minds.

I would buy these 2 movies and add them to my collection.


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