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TV Show Reviews: West Coast Customs Season 4 Episode 8: Braun Explorer

I am in the middle of watching season 4 of WestCoast Customs and I normally wait till I finish watching the entire season until I review the whole season. However this TV show I do not feel like there is anything special like the other reviews I have done for the same show for the seasons earlier.

However, I got up to Episode 8 of Season 4 and this was very special and I related to as a person with a disability I took extra interest in it.

In this episode, Ryan was asked to come and meet with HP at an Indy car race and the project was for the WCC team to create a car that is wheelchair accessible but is not the norm of a van type wheelchair accessible vehicle.

In this episode, they turned a Ford SUV into an accessible vehicle for a Military person that became a quadriplegic after serving as a soldier overseas.

For the first time, this felt like the car they were making was making a difference and not just for like see how much money I have and see how I call look more bling bling.

When they sowed the technical breakdown of how they had to change the Ford Explorer this was amazing how all the elements had to change to fit a wheelchair person into the car.

How they get rid of the middle dividers on the car and make one massive door is amazing and also the hydraulics on the wheelchair lift that the driver’s seat is taken out and the wheelchair becomes the driver’s seat amazing stuff.

This is truly a piece of art and making a true change to peoples lives.

Does anyone know if anyone in Australia does anything as they do?

I do recommend this show if you are into cars and like reality shows that talk and show you how you can take something that looks basic but takes it to a bling level modifications.

All other car modification shows are following the OG Original Gangster show West Coast Customs aka Pimp My Ride is the blueprint for all other car reality tv shows.

If you like these kinds of shows this is the show for you and it is family-friendly as well.

In this season they even did smurf cars

This episode gets a solid 9/10

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