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Movie Reviews: The Last Mercenary 2021 (NETFLIX)

I have been on a Netflix Binge lately watching stuff off my evergrowing list of movies that I always seem to add movies to watch and spend more time adding and browsing and watching trailers of new movies than just choosing a movie and watching it.

The Last Mercenary is the latest flick from JCVD and I remember reading good reviews of this movie and after sitting and watching this I again was confused and disappointed.

I liked the storyline but was not sure if I was watching a straight action flick or a comedy and it was a mix of both. An Action Comedy.

The story is about a relationship between a father and a son and a stolen identity.

That is the whole plot of the movie. Saying all this there are the old dance moves from Van Damme in Bloodsport and a little poke at bloodsport again as they go into a private room in a club and there is a poster of Bloodsport and other movies on the wall.

This movie felt like the deal that Adam Sandler made with Netflix and all of his movies were flops likewise with this Netflix collaboration with JCVD.

The fact that the movie was originally done in French and then dubbed in English and when you watch it in English is strange because the English actors include Van Damme you can tell the lips do not sync up.

JCVD best work these days is when he collaborated on other projects only fans like myself will watch his own stuff but the really good stuff is things like Expendables and the Kung Fu Panda animated movies.

I wonder when this will expire on Netflix. They should add his old movies to the library it would have more views I think.

A good time pass movie that is a tad long for the type of movie nearly 2 hours should have only been a max of 90mins.

Not suitable for the younger kids 10 and above


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