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Movie Reviews: Home Alone 4 (2002) (DISNEY+)

Yesterday evening the wife and I decided to watch another movie on Disney+ and we had to choose something kid-friendly.

As Disney+ has all 6 yes 6 Home Alone’s we decided to continue the torture that is not the original 2 parts.

Let me just say Part 3 was different but not as bad as four it was at least its own story and did not try to rip off the original movies.

The fourth instalment actually is after part 2 and yes it’s the Mcalister’s again and Yes we have Kate, Peter, Buzz, Megan and Kevin ohh and we have Marv back as well.

Saying all this all these returning characters were all played by different actors and it’s wrong it was soo off-putting and there were so many gaps in the storyline and how they made a new story with the old storyline.

Just wrong!!!.

Now to the good parts of the movie. The family went through some hard times and the Mcalister parents were going through some hard times and they went their separate ways.

Peter gets a new lady on his arm and invites the kids to go stay with him and her for Christmas as he wants them to build a relationship with the new lady in his life.

This sets up the whole storyline of the home alone catching criminals and this time Marv is the brains behind the whole thing and this time with no Harry he is married after all these years and he plans to go into kidnapping.

With the wife, they stake out the new step mum of the Mcalister’s and get prepared to kidnap the Prince of the Royal family and it’s such a bad concept for the action-comedy and the funny part of the movie. Nowhere in the movie did I really laugh even with the physical comedy at the end of the movie.

The cool part of the movie was the smart house of the step mum and as a tech-head, I liked how they incorporated the smart technology into the comedy although not really funny.

The actual part I liked was the message about family and life is short and how important your family is.

It just dawned on me this could have been like a really bad version of Richie Rich.

I gave it a 2/10 all ages can watch this film but do you really want to put yourself through this.

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