Movie Review: Sister of the Bride Hallmark (2019)

Both sisters come back and want to get married on the same date and one sister is been with her man for like 10 years and now they decided t

We sat down and watched a movie off my server last night and this movie was a romantic comedy from the Hallmark channel and anyone that knows about hallmark movies knows that none of their movies from their romantic comedies to their murder mysteries nothing is too overdramatic and you do not have a real problem to solve.

In this movie, we have two sisters that come back to their childhood holiday home that is built to the 9’s and the father is a Doctor so that’s how they justify that the family is balling 🙂 lol

Both sisters come back and want to get married on the same date and one sister is been with her man for like 10 years and now they decided to get married.

The second sister is with her man back to the family holiday home and she has only been with her man for 6 months and they want to get married although they do not really know much about each other, from their favourite colours to how many kids they want.

The conflict that the sister with the six months boyfriend has during the movie is the boyfriend gets an offer in England to be a professor at one of the Uni’s Oxford.

They break up during the movie because he needs to move and she does not want to move and she calls it quits because of this and to quote the actress in the movie she states” Lets put a pin in it” lol

Now I don’t know the lead actors and actresses. I do know the bride’s sisters parents in the movie.

Ladies first Beth Brodrick is one of the aunts from the original Sabrina the Teenage Witch TV series and she really does not do much in the movie just plays the loving devoted wife to the Doctor husband.

To the father of the brides or sisters, he is the main man himself Michael Gross. you may ask yourself where do you know this name from well if you are a child of the ’80s and know who Alex Keaton’s dad was well it was Michael Gross from the TV show Family Ties.

The parents are what I found more relevant as I could connect to them more than the main young actors that played the love interest.

This is a chick flick for the ladies and ladies may enjoy it and if they enjoy the mushy stuff even the lines in the movies are so typical you can tell the writers did not really think originally with the love lines.

Ohh and for a romantic comedy the entire movie had two kissing scenes and it was hopeless.

Either besides the scenes, the romantic leads did not like each other and only did what was contractually agreed to.

A movie that goes for 90mins and you can get done quickly.

For a guy watching this movie, you can watch this while mobile gaming on your phone.

Do this only if your partner does not get you in trouble 🙂

4/10 all can watch this will all be there till the end who knows 🙂

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