The introduction to Agent M (Molly) is a different one were at as a young child her family has an interaction with the MIB and she was upsta

Yesterday afternoons family movie choice was Men in Black International and I have to say it was good but nothing like the first two instalments and let’s not forget about the third instalment that brought the franchise to a standstill.

This fourth movie in the franchise brings new players to the MIB universe with Chris Hemsworth, Tessa Thompson, Liam Nesson and Emma Thompson.

We have a strong supporting cast playing some of the aliens and voicework as well.

The movie does not mention the other three movies but you know you are in the same universe with posters of the previous battles that MIB agents have won in the past.

This international chapter expands the universe and here we see that the Australian branch and the US branch and work together in this movie to bring down the newest threat to alien and human peace on earth.

Also, the MIB have a mole in their ranks and Agent H & M are on the case to save the world from the alien’s takeover and to find out who the mole is?

The introduction to Agent M (Molly) is a different one were at as a young child her family has an interaction with the MIB and she was upstairs supposedly asleep and the MIB come and zap her parent’s memories but as she was watching from a window and her parents told the MIB she was asleep she was not zapped.

Time passes and Molly grows up and excels at school and knows that she wants to join the people in the black suits.

All in all, she has a knack for science and tracks aliens and she finds an alien interaction and then follows the men in black with a cab to their headquarters and that’s how she finds the Men in Black and the story starts from there.

With no Will Smith, there is no real great soundtrack on this movie and I don’t even remember hearing any music hits at all. Would have been good to have the track play from the first movie with one of the fight scenes or car chases. Just a thought.

Having Thor at the Helm with Tessa and as we know they have worked together on the MCU movies there was on-screen chemistry and the vast majority of the cast carried the weak script across the line and made it watchable.

A little side note you know Netflix content normally has Subtitles English subtitles this movie was the only one when we went to watch it, this did not have any subtitles whatsoever in any language.

Come on Sony!!

The movie is just under 2 hours and I watched it while answering messages via my phone so it did not grasp my full attention really needed t do a better job.

If they do create another instalment can they please get Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones to play a cameo, please?

An ok new chapter to the series and you can add this to your MIB collection. All can watch this our 3 year old focused more on her phone than the movie and the final battle scene does need parental guidance for kids 5 to 10

I give this a 5.5 6/10.

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