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Movie Review: Red Notice (NETFLIX 2021)

Yesterday arvos movie of the wife’s choice was Netflix big hit Red Notice this movie was in Netflix top 10 last year.

Red Notice is a movie about three main characters and a cop chasing them all over the world and Dwayne Johnson plays a version of Hobbs well a cop that is an FBI art expert.

I was at first unsure what to think of this movie but it’s just good clean action fun with a side dish of comedy dished out by Ryan Reynolds and Dwayne Johnson to a level.

The laughs are more haha and not like fall on the floor LOL.

Again with this movie, you are on a big rollercoaster and it’s one massive chase scene.

It goes from country to country around the world chasing cops to get the bad guys and I just had fun watching this.

Something all can watch no real over the top violence as I said before an action-comedy.

It had felt of National Treasure with clues and like Carmen Sandiago.

Wouldnt Carmen Sandiago be a good movie to make if big-budget Hollywood back it?

This has been in trailers the scene where Dwayne Johnson is dealing with a Bull in the middle of Spain this was the most unrealistic scene because I know The Rock is a BIG dude but if you get hit by a bull at full pelt no matter if you are that big it would have been the end of you. This is also the reason why I say all can watch it there is no blood after any action flick.

Red Notice could have been done in 90mins and not there nearly 2 hours it took to get to the end.

Do others think that they will make a second part to this Red Notice movie and will this be the next big franchise?

Netflix movies in the past few years have been hit and miss and mostly missed, however, this movie is not bad good clean action fun and is a strong addition to the Netflix library.

Fun for the whole family a solid 7/10

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