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Movie Reviews: Harry Potter 20th Anniversary: Return to Hogwarts (HBO MAX)

The other night the family sat down and we finally got around to watch the long-awaited HBO Reunion of the year well after the Friends reunion 🙂

We actually had to watch this over two nights as the family could not sit through one sitting.

This as a whole was a beautiful loving reunion and you could see why they all became one big family.

The 3 young actors Harry Herminie and Ron Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint had such a great connection and they all said it, it was like they were three siblings 🙂 and there was a loving sibling love that they all wanted to see each other succeed in their roles. They all supported each other to all degrees.

I feel they should have added Malfoy to the group of three as during the show Emma explains how Tom Felton was such a support for her as a young child actress and even though he knew she had a crush Tom supported Emma with encouragement and a person that Emma could trust on top of Daniel and Rupert.

I want to address something that I had issues with the movies direction and the ongoing circle turning of directors that kept changing when new movies were announced.

They Started with Chris Columbus and he is the main guy that brought you the first two Home Alone movies and I was disappointed when from the third movie the director changed.

However, after watching this Harry Potter special I understand why they changed directors and kept changing them.

Remember I never read the books. Don’t kill me for not reading the books. lol

It makes logical sense that they changed Chris Columbus to a new director each time as the kids grew up and went through adolescence and maturity the movies also go from being young kids novels to young teen pre-teens to young adult and adult readers as the content become heavier darker and stronger themes and you need directors can make the transition from a kids movie to a teens movie to an Adult movie and a mass group of young kids have become young adults know and grew up with these films and these films and books should be part of school English and Drama class criteria.

The HBO MAX Harry Potter special was done in such a way that you were watching a book it had different chapters.

The special did a chapter on “In Memory of” and here we see all the actors that have passed away now and the biggest two that I remember is Malfoy’s mum and Professor Snape Alan Rickman.

The really cool thing that the young actors said was that all the evil adult actors the parental units that were bad guys were really the sweetest people that were on set.

Tom Felton talks about a scene that he did with Jason Issacs and how he played an unloving father to Draco and there was a scene where he slams down his cane to get Drakos attention and instead of missing he actually gets Tom’s fingers accidentally and he automatically apologized and Tom was like its ok and use that and they continued.

I really do recommend this for any fan or anyone really that should add this to your list and watch it.

It is very long and can do in one sitting but make sure you start earlier in the day.

There are scenes that if you have young kids make sure 0 to 10 have parental guidance available.

This special does not just cover the first 2 movies but it covers the whole series so it as I mentioned does get darker and talking about Darker I should talk about the dark lord himself the one that should remain Nameless Voldemort Ralph Fines really played his role really well and he talks about scenes with Alan Rickman were really special.

I would recommend buying the whole series of movies plus this special as a Blu-ray special edition.

Ohh one of my favourite things as part of the special was when Emma Watson was talking about the kissing scene with Rupert Grint and how they were both uncomfortable kissing each other as they see each other as siblings. lol

It does not surprise me that Emma had to take the lead in this scene to get it done as they both were giggling and laughing to get this scene done as they found it funny to be kissing each other.

A 10/10 special fun for all and as I said now I would go buy the BluRay of it all including this special.

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