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TV Show Review: Cobra Kai Season 4 (Netflix) 2022

Yesterday was an epic day I managed to binge the entire season 4 in one sitting well close to one sitting the entire season was done yesterday I had to stop for dinner and then come back to finish the final episode 10 of the series.

This show is one of my top three favourites on Netflix.

We are back into the Cobra Kai world and because it’s season 4 the story is set characters are set and strong and they go full Cobra on this season.

There is so much grey in this season where you want Myagi Do and Eagle Fang to win but they are dealing with Cobra’s and they do not play by the rules.

What I love about this show is it goes into the grey details so you the viewer fan understand the bad guy good guy and the dilemmas they are facing.

Cobra Kai Season 4 is a slow burn in the beginning but picks up pace near the end the last two episodes could have been one full episode and I would have loved that.

The Karate was on point like an advanced version.

There were several storylines that linked in the end and the dramas faced at the end by all the kids and adults were epic.

What I really enjoyed was the fact that Miyagi Do and Eagle Fang worked together to strengthen themselves to win against Cobra Kai and they had the strength of both styles which reminds me of MMA and this should be how it is across the board for all Martial Arts.

This season 4 was so good it was easy to binge one episode to another and you are glued into the Cobra Kai universe and do not want to leave to the end.

Besides all the action there is a lot of dramatic scenes that really show the full capacity of the actors and you can really tell what they are going through.

There is a blast from the past from the movies and the weird thing is he is old and kinda unrecognisable as the dark hair has gone white and when you meet them they are having one of their new wave lifestyle that was strange but you are still not sure about this guy coming back until the end of the show and what this person does to blow up Cobra Kai.

the scene is epic and can be hard to watch even if you have picked Eagle Fang or Miyagi Do you really feel sorry and saddened by the Cobra Kai action.

The beauty about this show is it is organically growing and not losing touch with the source story and keeping the respect of the story.

When this show finished I would buy all 3 to 4 movies and this series all on BluRay and keep them in my collection.

This season due to the themes and level of violence I would advise the younger kids to watch it with their parents that most likely grew up with the movies and can tell you all about the source material and it is a great family bonding son daughter father mother bonding show!!!

Highly recommended and Yes I have not gone into great details of what occurs on the show only because I do not want to create any spoilers just watch it and you will love it!!!


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