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TV Show Review: Dexter: New Blood Season 1

It is time that we revisit an old show born again from the ashes of the blood spilt old and new.

With Paramount Plus and Showtime teaming up again to take us back into Dexter Morgan’s crazy world of codes and justified murder, this brings a breath of fresh air into the series that originally had a very strange and unsatisfactory ending.

For the most part, there are only 2 returning characters and one is a figment of Dexter’s imagination. The rest of the cast is new and very strong and can carry the series and merge the old Dexter world to this new one.

In the old Dexter World, we were in the Miami heat no hoop references here. In this new series, we are in the icy town of Iron Lake New York, you could say the Ying and Yang of the same coin.

Like any new show in 2020 and 2022, the series is a slow burn and covers the details and it is an organically growing story.

In Iron Lake, we meet Dexter again living a new life with a new girlfriend and it’s a sleepy town that has nothing happening except a cold case pardon the pun a cold case that Dexter’s girlfriend the chief of police has a board with photos of all these young girls that have gone missing from the 70;s etc… This also did not stop and the murders are being clean after clean with no clues of who did this and is it Dexter who knows??

Dexter is having a clean-cut life with no kills and got a routine down with no issues but soon enough when a young stranger comes into town looking for Dexter and Dexter’s world is starting to unravel and turn upside down.

We go down the rabbit hole by episode 5 and the crazy code of Harry’s is back in action in this quiet town of Iron Lake.

I am not going to spill any of the stories only to say it’s something worth watching if you are a fan of the original Showtime series this is an excellent continuation of the series although it’s new it does not lose connection from the source material.

A little tidbit I felt while watching episode 9 of the show they had two songs Christmas songs that whenever you heard them you feel like your watching Home Alone 1 & 2.

A strange feeling when you are watching a thriller series to get the image of Kevin Mcalister running around the home and Dive Bombing in the Hotels pool.

There is a lot of adult content and no it’s not black and white a lot of red and not for the kiddies of any age and even some adults would have issues watching this new show I would say if you are into the original series you will love this new spin and if you want to watch this please go back and watch the original show so that the New Blod Matches!!

Also one of the supporting cast the rich dude of the show you may remember him from The Shawshank Redemption

A strong new show and I hope they continue with season 2 where they left off.


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