TV Show Reviews: Burn Notice: Season 1 (Disney +)

IMDB explains the show like this “A spy recently disavowed by the U.S. government uses his special ops training to help others in trouble.”

For the last week or 2, I wanted to watch something new and something that I can find on Disney+ because the last few shows I have watched were on Netflix and I thought it was time to change it up.

I found Burn Notice and I remember seeing this advertised when I was growing up but never got into it because of other shows and other things going on at the time.

I have several shows now on my Disney+ watch list and this was a try and see if it’s any good kinda thing to watch the first season and see if it’s worth continuing.

Burn Notice is a show that started in 2007 and went for 7 seasons until 2013.

IMDB explains the show like this “A spy recently disavowed by the U.S. government uses his special ops training to help others in trouble.” besides this, the big story of the show is why did Michael Weston got burnt by his own government.

We have three main actors/actresses on the show Michael Weston played by Jeffery Donavan as the main burn spy and the second actor is Bruce Campbell plays Sam Axe Michael mate from spy days and Sam helps Michael with his burn notice and at the same time reporting back to the feds. Last but not least and the prettiest on the show, Gabrielle Anwar.

Gabrielle plays Fiona Fi the Ex-partner in the spy world and the romantic world of Michaels and these three team up to find out why Michael got burnt and also help Michael solve the small cases episode to episode and the bigger puzzle of the burn notice as mentioned. A side note Gabrielle you would have seen before in 1993 in the movie “The Three Musketeers” Gabrielle plays Queen Anne.

In the first episode, we are thrown into Michaels world and we see Michael in the middle of a case and he gets burnt without even knowing what’s going on just only getting a call saying he got burnt in the middle of a case and he just gets out alive and this first episode is movie length so get the popcorn out and watch it and focus on this first episode and the rest of the season is all linked to the original pilot.

As I always say this is a slow burn but worth it and having it in episode form they do it right in the first season where they gradually tell the story like reading a really good book.

The strange thing about this show is it describes how to create different types of explosive devices and all fitting into the story narrative of the show but I feel that’s strange remember when this show was done in the post 911 time when you have shows like all the CSI and Prison Break and NCSI shows that all about terrorism etc…

The story is based in Miami and the pilot does overdo it on sex selling where you see a lot of ladies in 2 piece bikinis and this is only done moving from one show scene to another which is a strange transition method.

This is an old show but worth watching if you never got into it when it was aired back in 07″

This is only season 1 and I do not want to spoil the storylines but I do recommend this to be watched I hope season 2 stays at this top level of storytelling.

Not suitable for younger kids.

A solid start 7/10

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