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Carol (2015) NETFLIX

Earlier today I decided to watch a movie that has been on my list of movies from when it came out back in 2015. A movie with Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara.

This is a period piece well based in the 1950s a love story between Carol and Therese.

Carol finds this young woman at a retail store she works in and is taken back by her beauty and builds a friendship and this is the basis of the movie the love story between Carol and Therese.

Based in the ’50s this is taboo for two women to be together never to say two guys being together would have been the same.

Carol the movie is directed by Todd Haynes and he dealt with the topic delectly you do feel emotions within the movie and what both characters are going through.

You would have seen Rooney Mara in movies like Lion, Pan & The Girl with the Dragon Tatto just to name a few.

Cate Blanchett is really a versatile actor really can do anything and is the main driving force of this movie being a success and keeps you the audience member enthralled in the movie not wanting to take your attention away from the story. How else can I put this? This is a movie you will not be playing mobile games while watching it.

Now not all audiences may be into this as it is about a love story between the same gender but if you put that aside and look at love as love you will see this is as engaging as any other love story.

Besides Rooney and Cate, the supporting cast is great from the young daughter to Sarah Paulson as Carols supportive best friend.

Although the movie is nearly 2 hours you can and you will get through this with no issues.

I would have loved the story to go in more depth of the times then and see socially what the ramifications were for the two ladies.

This movie also reminds me of a movie I watched many years ago called “Any Day Now” with Alan Cumming that tell the story of two men that were in love this movie was a strong movie and goes deeper into it. This story Any Day Now goes as deep as that the two men wanted to adopt a child with a disability and this had a very reality bites ending. That Movie is highly recommended as this movie Carol is.

A strong female lead that is powerful.

8/10 Not suitable for kiddies does have a sexy scene!!

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