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Movie Review: Spider-Man: No Way Home 2022

I went with the wifey and cousin and cousins wifey to see the latest Spiderman No Way Home kinda like a double date and it was good to do this before the new addition comes and joins the family.

I have to say there has been a lot of Spiderman movies and we deal with Tobey Maguire and get attached to him and Kirstin Dunst and then after Tobey and Kirstin did a few movies we went to a new Spiderman movie with Andrew Garfield and then we are now where we are with Tom Holland and Zandaya.

Do you guys think they overdid the remaking of the different versions of the story to me it’s like come on can we just get to the point of just moving to a new original story.

Spiderman No Way Home is a breath of fresh air that makes the crappier versions of spiderman better.

I am going to try not to spoil anything only to date this is the best Spiderman by far.

Get ready for a long movie that is the connecting part to all other parts of the Marvel Universe and really makes you understand how the whole Marvel Universe works. the movie is nearly 3 hours long.

Which side are you on Marvel or DC?

I feel that DC TV shows were good movies not so much but Marvel has taken Captain America Shield and ran with it and no other comic story or movie can catch up.

Let me go back to the movie for one sec and just say this the movie has a section that it tries to turn into a romantic drama movie and I start rolling my hand to say get on with it it slows down the movie and the movie creator loses focus cause your watching a comic action film not really a love story well there are elements but not to the level that you are watching Titanic.

The CGI special features are on another level and like any other Marvel movie sit in your seat until the very end there is a hidden scene at the end of the movie that connects Spiderman No Way Home to another Marvel story.

There are some great cameos in this movie and the only thing in cameos are missing is Stan Lee the king of Cameos.

I want to be able to get all the Marvel movies in a boxset but will the movies ever stop? I hope not but you will never get a complete boxset.

Spiderman No Way Home is one of the most complete Marvel movies I have watched.

Go and watch this before it goes away from the Cinemas.

Fun for all a solid 8/10

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