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TV SHOW REVIEW: Burn Notice Season 2 (DISNEY+)

I managed to get through season 2 of Burn Notice last night. Season 2 they ordered for more episodes and we had 16 episodes to get through this season.

We are back with the team of Michael Fi and Sam Axe. What a cool name is Sam Axe.

Michael and the team continue their small missions to help people in need to get their loved ones out of trouble and we inch a little bit closer to the answer of who burned Michael.

We meet a lady by the name of Carla and Michaels team plus family is put in danger when Michael does not comply with Carla requests.

All this still goes down in Miami and the show switches between scenes are still the same with hot looking ladies in two-piece bikinis.

We keep learning how to make cool spy gadgets either to break into places or blow up stuff.

On top of all this, we have a hot and cold relationship between Fiona and Michael and Fi wants to move forward and Michael well at the beginning of the show we do not know if he loves her and Fiona gets tired of waiting around so she meets a new paramedic that becomes her boyfriend.

Fiona’s boyfriend is along for the ride for a few episodes and then drops off when he notices there is still something between Fi and Mike.

Writing on this show is well done for the first two seasons as they are letting new pieces of the puzzle out little by little, like a slow drip coffee.

The show in season 2 with about three episodes to go turns on the suspense and I really managed to binge the last three episodes in one day.

Michael’s brother comes back for one show and now he is a limo driver trying to go straight and live a normal life.

Mike’s mum is still in the picture still in the dark in regards to what Michael does for a job or what did he do in the past for a job.

More importantly, Mike’s mum is more invested in Mikes love life and in one episode she tells Mike you choose the right girl.

I still do not believe how did I miss this show when it was running back in 07 to 013 but I’m glad Disney bought Fox and now I have a chance to watch it.

Recommend for all to watch it has action suspense and a love story all written and acted well to keep you engaged in the show.

Lots of twists and turns that keep you on your toes.

The only thing that does not age well on the show is the technology the show uses for some of its gadgets and explosions they are a bit dated.

The clients that you see in season 2 you know you have seen on other tv shows in the past.

Add this to your watch list and enjoy.

A solid 7/10

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