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Movie Review: RIVER 2021

Lunchtime movie I decided to watch something random off my server and found this movie called River. The movie is about a young girl that has recently lost her mother and has two friends that are looking after her to make sure she is ok and getting through life and being there for her during this hard time.

This movie feels like a teen drama that has a lot of angst sadness and really mono as the movie has no crescendo just one level through the entire movie.

This movie is bought to us by director Emily Skye and if you look at her IMDB page you will see there is a lot of versions of River on the page from a short to a series and this movie. Emily Skye is a young director and this seems to be her first time in the Sci-Fi drama genre.

The music is nicely composed in this film the story is basic but does not have to have real sci-fi special effects as it’s low budget but told well.

I feel that this would be better in sci-fi novel form your imagination can really go wild here and in book form it could go in greater detail.

From what I am reading about this film after watching this the main actress also invested in this flick as an executive producer. Mary Cameron Rogers who played River.

This is a one time watch for me and not really a keeper on my server but something different to watch.

Not suitable for the kids’ something as mentioned different and quirky to watch a non-run of mil science fiction flick with teenage drama in the middle of all this.

Not recommended for all.

A 6/10

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