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TV Show Review: Bad Judge 2015 (9 NOW APP)

Sunday afternoon I wanted something new to watch and something that channel 9 had been advertising to watch via their 9NOW application and I thought why not give this a go even before I started I wanted to see if there were more seasons to this show but its only one season and its a shame really because watching this series Bad Judge had so much potential.

If you search this show you see that the legal groups had so many arguments against it and it was showing the lawyers and judges in a bad light.

However, if you watched this show and looked between the lines of the bad judge behaviour there was real law that you could follow plus love and humour.

As much as I would like to see this come back I don’t think that this would be the case as we have the “Me Too” movement and “Cancel Culture”

I managed to binge this whole show and finish just before midnight last night and I enjoyed it.

The show is definitely not for the kiddies and should not be watched with kids although there is a child actor early on in the season and this was showing how the Bad Judge had a softer side on top of the sex-driven drug-taking party animal that she is.

You may ask yourself who played the “Bad Judge” It is none other than Kate Walsh you may remember Kate from most recent times 13 Reasons Why and before and Kates most recent TV show is a return as Dr Addison Montogmary from a long time going medical tv series drama “Grey’s Anatomy”

If you want to see Kate in something different and see how diverse her acting can be and how far she is willing to go for a character this is a show that you will see many different sides of what Kate can do.

The cast is a small one but in one season you can see that they really did gel and it was natural to watch them all and again would have loved to see more.

The shows creator was Anne Heche

Bad Judge is a mix of the movie Bad Teacher and Brooklyn 99 really good and funny.

The main cast is Kate Walsh not related to Brandan 🙂 Tone Bell, John Ducey, Miguel Sandoval, Amy Rhodes and Ryan Hansen.

You may know Ryan Hansen from a little show called 2 Broke Girls he played Max’s boyfriend.

It was a great cast a great show that died too soon.


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