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Movie Reviews: Last Man Down 2021 (NETFLIX)

Last Man Down is a random movie for Sunday afternoon. The movie is about an ex-special forces soldier that cuts ties with a bad organization he was once family with and now he wants to live alone in the woods.

This is based on a time period when a virus has taken over the world and well not much population is left and these mercenaries are trying to rebuild the world but with bad intentions.

The movie goes for 1 hour and 27mins not a bad length for this movie as it’s really just escapism for 90mins.

I can tell you all the cast of this movie for me is unknown and if you go to IMDB you will see most of them have smaller uncredited roles that this is supposed to be their big break.

The plot is small however all parties play their roles well and really you can watch this movie once over time watch nothing too special.

There was only one pointless scene in this flick in which they both take a shower before the last 30mins of the movie and the shower was not even together one finishes and one goes to take a shower just some pointless nudity.

Then the movie went back to action.

Daniel Stisen who played John Wood was ripped to the 9’s in this movie felt like he took so many roids to get this big.

Some part of this movie felt like watching a third-person shooter game on PC or console.

I wonder how many people watched this and let me know what you think of this flick.

It is on Netflix and is number 6 on the top ten movie list kinda strange to be on the top ten I feel.

Not suitable for the younger kiddies maybe 13 and above with parental guidance a very much blokey flick nothing really of a love story here. They did try to create some emotional connection to John Wood but I feel they did not invest that much in the love story of his with his wife. They did have scenes explaining it but it was kinda weak I feel.

Nothing really more to say only to say not bad for a random choice but let’s just end with this if Netflix decided to remove this flick tomorrow nothing major would happen.


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