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TV Show Review: The Queens Gambit (NETFLIX 2020)

This last week I decided to give something different a go and I know I am late to the party but I choose to see what all the fuss is about this Queen’s Gambit.

Wow, I must have been hiding under a rock.

This is an amazing Netflix Limited Series that tells us the tale of Elizabeth a young girl and how she becomes in love with the game of Chess.

Now a little sidetrack I love chess and was good no Grandmaster but could hold my own during my primary school days I used to play the game when going to before and after school care and it was an awesome way to kill the 3-hour wait for my mum to come and pick us up.

The Queens Gambit has enlightened my love and passion for the game however as a new parent I am thinking maybe it’s something I can play with my daughter when she gets older and my son when he gets older as well.

I do not want to spoil the series only to say the main plot is that we see Elizabeth’s journey from childhood to adulthood and we live and breathe the world of National and International Chess Championships.

This is more than just chess but we see the coming of age and continued growth of Elizabeth and her friends that she meets along the way. Elizabeth sometimes in the show reminds me of a female Sheldon singularly focused on Chess and all things Chess.

This little series is not for the kiddies as it has drug use and deals with adult themes I would say 15 and above.

As mentioned it’s a limited Netflix series that only have seven episodes that go for about an hour each. You could binge it in one sitting or space it out like I did over a week and only binged 2 episodes back to back when nearing the end.

it is a historical piece that goes from the 50s and 60s of America in Kentucky and no we do not have Cornel Sanders Chicken in the show sorry 🙂 lol

A high quality well made and directed and acted series done by all no one that I really could tell you stood out although the girl that played Beth younger and older did awesomely and the rest of the cast were all grandmaster level performers.

I would really love to see more series added to this but not sure if they are going to make any more.

Loved it it does have to rewatch and binge-watching value one of the best shows of 2020 considering what kinda crappy year that was.

You have to add it to your watch list and actually watch it don’t just add it and say you will get around to it like I did I am glad I did but I should have watched it two years ago.

10/10 Worth purchasing.

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