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TV Show Review: You Me Her: Season 5 Final Season (NETFLIX)

I finally got this series complete. You, Me, Her is a series that started off with so much promise and the creators and writers could have done so much with it well the last two seasons were not anything to write about but I will try and do it justice.

In the final season all ten episodes it felt like watching high school kids trying to get over their childish quarrels.

I felt they rushed season 5 but that’s probably because they were told that it was going to be the final season and they had to bring it to an end.

They had a lot of loose ends in the show and they basically tried to give everyone happy endings.

One actor/character did not even come back for the final season they replaced her with another actor and made the other actor an auntie to make it all link.

The three main characters basically broke up again in the final season and I was content to have them go their separate ways the writers were trying to build suspense and it worked to a degree but it felt like they jumped the shark one too many times.

My favourite part of the show was the end credits where they had photos of the cast members with Izzy, Emma and Jack with their happy ending pardon the pun 🙂

In the final season, we had a break-up people get back together a couple got rich and left Hawthorn Heights and Jack’s brother Gab came back with no family and they just squashed that with he is getting divorced.

They also had an engagement party with truth syrome.

The biggest thing that was missing besides Carmen in the final season was where was Lori and Ava Matherfield were.

I am glad I got this show done finally something that was different started off with promise but ended up being average.

The major thing you learn is no matter if you are a couple or a throuple you face the same relationship issues fidelity commitment etc it all is the same if you are two or more if you agree to be faithful you have to stick to it no matter the count.

Not for the kiddies A 3/10 for the final season.

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