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Movie Reviews: Batman: Soul of the Dragon 2021 (NETFLIX)

I chose a random movie and cartoon this afternoon this was in the library and I decided it was time to give it a go.

For me Batman the Soul of the Dragon is a story about how Bruce Wayne and his friends all got trained and became vigilantes.

It is a decent story that goes for just a tick over 1 hour and 20mins the story is about how Batman and his friends are going to save the world from an evil dragon spirit and the adventure begins with a stolen sword.

Although the story may be seen as a basic story the vocal cast behind the characters are some notable actors.

We have Kelly Hu, Michael Jai White and James Hong just to name a few.

If you are a Batman Comic book fan or animation fan this is a solid instalment in the Batman series to watch and maybe keep in your collection.

It is very martial arts heavy and in the beginning, gave me the feeling that I was watching some sort of tribute to Bruce Lee

This does have a violent streak in the story and I would not suitable for the younger kids maybe 13 and above as there is animated blood violence and death.

As mentioned a satisfactory addition but no rewatch value but a solid 6/10 for something to pass the time and nothing too long

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