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TV Show Review: John of God (NETFLIX) 2021

I wanted to choose to watch something at random and this was on my list and I thought four episodes why not it’s not going to take long I will get it done in no time.

Before I start on this review please note this is a real story a small four-episode documentary about a physic Brazillian Healer that was a rag to riches real or fake healer that God spoke to him and he apparently healed a lot of people and affected a lot of people in an ungodly manner as well.

If you are a person of Faith and I am also but are sensitive to seeing religion or any religion for that matter in a light that is not pleasant I say stay away from this show and review as the point of this review is not to hurt anyone beliefs just to explain my feelings on this show and how it was depicted

The amazing this about this little mini-series was that it started in the 70s and even though John of God got caught the remaining believers are still running the place.

This is a very heavy subject and even as mentioned in 4 episodes it takes a lot from you to take this heavy subject matter on and what I am amazed about it’s still going on. this day.

John affected so many people over 300+ victims and this included his own kids and grandkids as well and the trauma and psychological and physical effect that he caused all these people because he was a person after really two things sex and money and power came with that as well after fooling many people from celebrities to politicians and many more. There was even an episode that shows that Oprah went for a visit and really felt something powerful but that was nothing over the top.

John affected people all around the world from Brazil to Australia even.

How can I best describe this person? Amazing, Powerful, Charming, Scary, traumatic

Dilousunal today still thinks he did not do anything wrong and in the end, he went from being in prison for above 60 years to going into house arrest because of the Covid pandemic and the survivors really want him to do his time in prison as everyone in 2020 was under house arrest because of Covid.

A really sad story something I would recommend to watch if you can watch true crimes of this nature.

A solid 8/10 is not suitable for the kiddies.

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