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TV Show Review: Judge Steve Harvey

Everyone knows Steve Harvey and his talk show and Steve is the host of Family Feud. Steve has a new show called Judge Steve Harvey.

Judge Steve Harvey is like Judge Judy again small claims court and everyone knows Steve is no Judge but as Steve has mentioned on the Talk shows he has been on to promote the show he mentions everyone knows he ain’t know the judge and the individuals need to sign an affidavit to accept whatever this court hands down.

The show for the first season has only 10 episodes to start.

I actually like this show better than Judge Judy as Steve states it’s about common sense and for all the cases Judge Steve Harvey is fair for all parties.

Now to talk about some of these cases.

One of the cases that I connected with was a lady that was asking for some photos from a young photographer that she found off Instagram and for whatever reason, he did not or could not be able to complete the job. Steve took this case and flipped it so that he took on the cost of the money of the photoshoot that did not occur and made it an opportunity for the young man to grow his skills Steve asked him to take photos of the show and hand it to him and he will be paid in full if he does the job right.

Now the reason why I connected with this was it reminded me of when my family and I had a gift from when we bought our house we were given an opportunity to take photos with the family and create a memory and like this lady on this episode how we were treated made us have feelings that were not pleasant and really you do not feel like you want to go back there but if we were treated correctly they would have been able to keep a client and any future references.

In a nutshell, I was treated like I was going to steal from that place and instead of making us feel like we want to go back there they just kept pushing us to get pictures and things we did not want even though we stressed the point that we just bought a house and cannot afford anything extra except the free offer which was the gift and this was when all the lady that was in charge of organizing our photo in the way we wanted it, stressed that everyone with a phone these days thinks that they are a professional photographer and even though from the very beginning I mentioned to all parties including the reception that my grandfather was a professional photographer and I know how it all works.

So when we were treated like people that had no clue or crooks as when I asked her to leave the room so I can discuss this with my family she did but not before she turned around advising there are cameras in this room implying that she would watch if I take the photos. I was ready to smack her into next week


Kept my cool and kept insisting on just giving us the free gift which we ended up getting but I really wanted to leave the place without picking any photo at all and leave that place with nothing because it really was not worth it for free or paid for how we were treated.

Back to the show if you want some light-hearted entertainment this is fun.

Other episodes consisted of a husband taking his wife to court because she cannot cook to his mother’s standards. There was another stupid husband that took his wife to court because she would not come to bed at 7 pm as he would want because of him being a person that would wake up at 4 am to go to work. I am leaving a lot out but watch the series and you will see the funny side of all this.

Fun for all 8/10

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