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TV Show Review: Young Sheldon Season 1 (NETFLIX)

If you are a fan of The Big Bang Theory” You would really love Young Sheldon.

It takes you back to the late 70s and 80s of when Sheldon Cooper was a kid living with his family you see how he interacts with his dad and we get to see how George Cooper brought up his family with Mary Cooper his wife.

The beautiful aspect is that all the sub-stories that we know about only as an antidote in The Bing Bang Theory go into detail in Young Sheldon and in season 1 we meet the whole Family George Dad Mary Mum Georgie older brother Missy Sheldon’s twin sister.

Also, we get to know Connie Sheldon’s Meemaw (Grandma)

Usually, season 1 of any show is the shortest season of them all however Season 1 of Young Sheldon is a full length 22 episode show that is like a season 2 or 3 it’s huge and it’s great that it’s that big so the writers have lots of time to go into great detail of the Sheldon story.

Sheldon is a young genius and we see how his lack of social skills affects him with interactions with making friends family and even teachers at school that Sheldon knows that he is smarter than them.

This is the first sitcom that has made me laugh since Friends and the Big Bang Theory.

The humour in this show is like watching Shrek its fun for all but has mummy daddy jokes that go over the top of the younger people that enjoy the show for a different reason.

Out of the 22 episodes in the first season, I liked episode 11 “Demons, Sunday School, and Prime Numbers”

This episode continues Sheldon’s story to start his love for comic books and strategy board games. This is when we go deeper into religion as well as the essence of religion is also an underlying factor in this show which is a great thing because this goes into why I loved this episode. Mary Sheldon’s mum finds out that Sheldon’s comic book has nudity and demons and this goes against her faith Mary goes on a path to change everything and Sheldon is not happy.

Sheldon then goes to a level to teach his mother a lesson and this is what I loved about it.

Sheldon read the entire Bible and then he went and discovered about other religions and well they did not really choose variation except between the religions of Jesus and Sheldon’s family faith is Baptist and he goes to one of his memaws boyfriends and his name is Ira and he is Jewish and the fact I loved this episode was the fact that the writers did the show well and displayed the independent investigation that Sheldon went into to find out what suites him best and this was awesome this is what faith and religion should be to find a faith that you believe in and agree with.

One of The Bahai faith’s core beliefs is to have an independent investigation of the truth and the fact that religion is progressive revelation.

This means that religion has to move forward with the new times that we go into like when you upgrade your computer in the computer world the different religions are the different operating systems Mac, Windows, Linux God created all three and let’s say God is 0 and 1’s and all three religions come from the same source.

That’s my 2cents on the religion speak

I loved the first season and would recommend this to everyone.


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