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Movie Reviews: Escape Plan 2: Hades (2018)

On a lazy Saturday afternoon, I thought I would watch a random movie off my server and I found this movie from a few years ago with Sly Stallone in it.

Escape Plan 2 Hades is the follow up from Escape Plan where Sly teams up with Shewzenegger to get out of a high-security prison. In Escape Plan 2 Hades Sly teams up with a few known names it’s kind of like a small number of second class expendables the only other big name would be Dave Batista you should all know him from the Marvel universe Drax.

In part 2 one of their own becomes a bad guy and captures the team and the team members need to escape from the inside out.

Escape Plan 2 hades is more high tech and more about computer systems and hacking and cracking technology than anything else.

I did not mind this second instalment although it started off strange it could stand on its own feet as a solid second instalment.

The cast had Sly, Batista, 50 cent Tyrone Woodly and Jesse Metcalfe and Wes Chatham.

Like their characters, the cast was a team and this made the movie, not lose momentum and keep it going at a solid pace.

I thought this would be a one time watch and delete but I will keep this as part of the Escape Plan collection and it’s a solid watch.

Full of action no really sexy parts just your standard action movie with a solid basic storyline but worth enough to sit back and watch the show.

The action can be seen as a tad too violent as there are prison fights and the sound effects are on point in this movie.

A standard action movie length is just over 90mins and it leaves it open for a third part and that was made in 2019 I have not seen Escape Plan Extractors yet on the list and will review it when I get around to watching it.

Not suitable for the kiddies a solid 7.5/10

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