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Movie Review: Kalashnikov (2020)

For a lazy Saturday afternoon movie, I decided to watch something off my server and something I can watch once and remove.

I have mixed feelings about this movie AK47 Kalashnikov.

This movie is a biopic about a guy called Kalashnikov who created the AK47.

It was less violent than I thought and the creation of this invention started well before 1947 and occurred during the war.

The AK47 did not completed until 1947 can you believe there were gun creation competitions in Russia where the winner would get a cash prize as the weapon would help the nation win the war and they ended up winning the war without the gun. They won the war in 1945 and Russia and The Soviet Union back then still went forward in greenlighting the creation of this gun.

On top of this story about the gun, it also gives us the story about Mikael and how he was an uneducated person only going up to year 7 due to family matters. Still, he had the brains to build the most used automatic gun used worldwide.

Then we also followed his love life and how he met his wife that was the technical drawer of his gun the AK47.

The love story I did not mind and the family story I did not mind, however, the fact that the movie glorified the making of the gun as a thing of beauty that would save humanity more than ending it was a bitter pill to swallow.

The performances were good and the version that I watched was dubbed in English and went for over an hour and forty minutes.

I realize this movie is not a movie all would watch due to the current world climate we are in but it’s a different type of biopic that may not sit well with most but it’s something different to watch. For me, this is a one time only watch not because it’s badly made but because the subject matter is not something I would want to keep watching over and over.

Not suitable for kids I give it a 5/10

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