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Movie Review: Until We Meet Again (2022)

Until we meet again is one of my random choices off my server and I did watch it but I am still unsure and in two minds to say if I liked this or not as was it a flop?

The movie reminds me of a horror romance something like The Twilight series.

It’s a love story between a young aspiring musician and a ghost.

I would say it’s a combination of Ed Cullen from Twilight meets Ghostbusters.

IMDB states the following for their blurb:

A woman discovers that her new house is inhabited by the ghost of a passionate young concert pianist who died tragically thirty-five years earlier.

The cast is mostly newcomers the only person you would know is Michael Madsen from Free Willy and the Kill Bill movies.

The movie went for long enough 90mins but throughout the movie, I was feeling for the movie I was in it for the long hall but at the same time I was like is it really good or am I just really a hopeless romantic who enjoys these types of teen romance dramas?

It’s a small story that does capture you if you let it and takes you on a romantic love story ride but the question I have for you the readers and viewers of my movie reviews can you watch this and tell me if this is really worth a high score.

IMDB gives this movie a 4.6/10 and I am on the fence to give it a 4 out of 10 or a 7 out of 10 because of the love story? Blazers what would you give this movie out of 10?

This although a movie that I am confused to score I can tell you it’s not suitable for the kids.

The other question is should I keep it on my server or remove it?

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