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TV Show Review: Is It Cake? (NETFLIX 2022)

The wife and I decided to watch another small new Netflix show that is fun and family-friendly 3-year-old for our 3 year old daughter to watch again as well.

The wifey chose this show called “Is it cake?” we saw a tad little bit of this show off Gogglebox and we were intrigued about how this show can go as it’s different to the Masterchef shows of this world that we normally watch.

Is it cake is an 8-hour cook that is bundled up in a ball of cake dough for less than forty minutes and it’s a different concept to a normal game show and the cake bakers are amazing and I would really recommend giving this show a go as its nothing you have seen before.

The host of the show is Mikey Day he is from SNL Saturday Night Live and no I have not heard about him these guys are all new and the whole premise of the show is to tell the difference between 2 objects or more of the same thing and one is a cake and the others are not and if the judges cannot guess your cake or in the money round or the first round you can guess the cake you win $5,000 and the prize money goes up if in the final round you cannot guess the cake then the next winner gets the extra 5K added to their total to win from and 5K becomes 10K and so on…

What I loved about this show was the fact that it was original and the cake making was on another level and you really could not tell what was cake and what was not.

You see cakes made like suitcases to sewing machines to rubber duckies bowling pins and even chess sets and oh this amazing elephant cake and all of these cakes were edible

Add this to your Netflix list and watch it you will not be disappointed and with Master Chef and Iron Chef, you have some hot baking competition on your toes.

All these bakers are mums and dads and even high school students these are next level, cake bakers.

The only thing I would say this show needs to improve on is it’s less of celebrity judges the only persons that I knew were Tony Rock and Rebecca Black no one else oh and the cousin for Daniel Lurooso from the Netflix series Cobra Kai.

A solid 8 out of 10 fun for all!!!

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