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TV Show Review: Queen of the South Season 4 (NETFLIX)

I have to say this season 4 of Queen of the South was one of the hardest I had to get through because it had me on the edge of my seat from the first episode to the end.

This season is not like the others where she is building to who she becomes and that is the queen the drug queen of the south North etc.

Teressa is established and is the Queen and she has more balls and firepower than ever.

In this season all sides are coming at Teressa at once and Teressa loses big in this season and there is a part of the season she becomes the badass queen that holds no prisoners and is out for blood for all as she loses one of her family that is the closest to her.

Usually this show I can sit and binge one to three episodes at the one session but this season I had to watch it one episode at a time as it was like taking some sort of psychedelic medicine that goes to your head and you are taken on a trip.

I would say this may not be the best season but it’s watchable and the hardest thing to do is keep up with all the players new and old and keep up the twists and turns.

The question I have is the amount of money $$$ they play with on this show is amazing it’s like drinking water that easy.

When is season 5 coming out does anyone know and will it be the end of the show after season 5?

The cast plays so well together that it’s so believable the actor that plays Boaz is so annoying to watch gets under your skin and you just want to shake him and tell him to stop but I guess that’s a sign of a good actor.

I am not going to spoil this for all just say it’s a must-watch if you’re a fan of these kinda shows and I give this season a solid 7.5/10 not suitable for the kiddies!!!

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