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Movie Review: Black Widow (Disney+ 2021)

Well with a lot of breaks more than 5 the wife and I managed to finish Black Widow in one sitting and it was good to get back on the Marvel Bandwagon.

Black Widow is what I feel to be the foundation story of the title character of Black Widow and it was kinda strange to be the foundation story and have the feeling of its end as well.

The movie goes for more than 2 hours and its Go time from the minute it starts there is no let’s take a break and slow down it’s over the speed limit and you just got to hold on tight and enjoy the ride and try to dodge all the bullets and bombs.

I could see this Black Widow as a ride at Disney land or Disney world. I just googled this and there seems to be some stunt show only at Disneyland and no ride.

There were a lot of special effects kinda reminded me of watching a Sci-Fi flick and an action flick at the same time.

The storyline consisted of family and how the Black Widow became a Black Widow and as mentioned the foundation of how it all started by a Russian mad scientist and then how it all changed for the Black Widow to change sides.

We also at the start meet Natasha’s family and this is important as it lays the framework of how long the family were fighting to make things better and how it all turned on a dial and changed for the worse and then hits this crescendo later on in this movie.

While watching this Marvel instalment it also made me feel like I was watching some movie that talks about human trafficking again and again all about affecting young women and this is a very important subject matter that always seems to be brought up but I do not hear if anything is being done about it.

This does tie in with the other Avenger movies and like all the others stay till after the credits as there is an easter egg on how it connects to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

It’s just a shame that Stan Lee’s cameos are no longer those were something that we all looked for while watching the movies.

Fan or not a fan you have to add this to your list of movies Marvel list or just a kick-ass movie list you will enjoy it.

For uber super fans there is rewatch value in this movie but for me maybe the max would be three times and in saying that I may have only watched Iron man movies more than once.

The other element of this movie is got more grit I feel it’s more adult-oriented and has a lot more grit.

Violence is a major player in this movie and shows that both good and evil have a price to pay in the game of war.

Make sure you have over 2 hours to spare to watch this and you will enjoy this.

I feel like I need to revisit the whole Marvel cinematic universe and watch it in the order of the storyline to keep track of it all.

A solid 8/10

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