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Movie Review: Come and Find Me (2016)

On a lazy Sunday, I decided to watch something off my server and wanted to see if this movie called “Come and Find Me” was any good. Well, I am sorry to say it was not a hit and it was a complete miss.

This movie really had only two stars one was Aaron Paul you may know him from Breaking Bad or the average Need for Speed movie.

The other person was Garret Dillahunt the only movie and shows I know are from Any Day Now and Terminator the Sarah Connor Chronicles.

This movie is a weak attempt at a thriller that really did not leave park let alone first gear.

The movie was about a boyfriend and girlfriend that live together and they are all lovey-dovey and then one day while they are sleeping she disappears nowhere to be found.

After that 15mins this is the whole movie Aaron Paul spends the near rest of the 2 hours movie trying to find her and he goes down a rabbit hole and he tries to carry the whole movie on his shoulders and it was not that he could not but the movie really was not worth anyone’s time.

I was waiting for a jump scare or even an element of the movie to care about but it did not come and all I was feeling was can it be over soon as it was a waste of my time.

The other movie that I watched with my wife Black Widow was a lot better but I knew that already.

Do yourself a favour and don’t waste your time I consider this a public service warning to be readers 🙂

This is not suitable for anyone really there are much better offerings out there.

Not suitable for the kiddies.


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