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He-Man and the Masters of the Universe 2021 (NETFLIX)

After the last two movies and the Queen of the South series I caught up with I decided to watch something different and out of nowhere, I found this short first season 10 episode 30mins He-man tv show that they remade for the new generation.

Netflix and Matel toys got together and have made this show for a young generation and this version is more CGI than anything at the start because of the overload of CGI you may be a little uneasy if you have seen the original if you grew up watching the 80’s version.

This version starts from the very beginning and you go back to the point where how He-Man becomes He-man and the others join slowly and it talks about the family origins of Keldor who later becomes Skeletor.

The cartoon makes He-man and his friends seem younger than the 80s version.

The fact that they go into greater detail about Adam and his family and friends gives the series a lot of room to grow.

The series may take you three episodes to get into it don’t give up before then as you have to remember the first season of any show is building the story characters and the plot. Although this is an old story being re-told it’s been done the right way.

It grew on me and this does not take away from the original I like both but yes if I had to choose the original is still number one for me the theme song in this new version is kinda strange.

As I said it’s a slow burn and building properly.

Something the young kids can watch some older teens may find it too childish but its something all can watch. I would say 5 and above.

There is a season 2 already on Netflix 8 episodes instead of 10 in this first season.

I have googled and seen that this is what they say about a season 3 being shown.

The premiere of part 3 depends on a few factors: If Netflix greenlights it, when the platform announces the renewal, and how far along the production of part 3 is behind the scenes. If part 3 gets the go-ahead in early 2022, fans of the show can expect to see a new chapter arrive in late 2022 or early 2023.24 Nov 2021

If you want to watch something old but originally told then give this a go.

7/10 remove for improvement but a decent first season

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