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TV Show Review: Baking Impossible 2021 (NETFLIX)

For the past couple of weeks, the wife and I have been into baking shows that were not Masterchef related.

The first one we watched was Is it Cake? and now we just finished Baking Impossible.

Like is it Cake Baking Impossible is a cake cooking competition that actually puts two worlds that you think should not go together Baking and Engineering.

We have nine bakers and nine engineers that are paired up in this competition to have a chance to win 100K.

Each day is a long day more than any time that a Masterchef gets these guys in the later episodes to get over 24hours to engineer a type of cake that meets the judge’s criteria.

Its starts with boats made out of cake and then goes to cars and pully mechanisms.

At first, it may take you two episodes to get into it and I can say my wife and I with our 3-year-old daughter watched this and it grew on us.

It was hosted by Justin Wilman the magician that has his own Netflix show called Magic for Humans which is another show the wife and I started a long time ago before we had kids and we never got back into it it’s on our never-ending Netflix list.

The beautiful thing about these shows are original and is not about who is the best cook or baker but it’s about getting surprised about the creative original surprising creations that are made.

However the downside to these types of shows like Is it Cake and Baking Impossible is you get to the point that you say to yourself how much they actually eat of the enormous cake they are eating and how much is wasted. I hope that these shows have some good behind them and give these over the top creations to charities and homeless shelters to feed people in need although it can cause diabetes it’s still something.

If you want to watch something different with the whole family this is not bad although I feel each episode can be cut to 30mins and the over 40mins that each episode is in this series is just a tad long.

The main just of each episode is that they get the requirements of what they need to cook and bake and they show snippets of the baking process like Masterchef until the last 10mins you get to see the finished product.

The wife and I by the 3rd episode just watch the beginning and the end because the filling in the middle was too fatty and we just did other things and even did not use it till it was judgement time.

I liked the show but nothing I would rewatch would cause diabetes.


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