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Movie Review: Faceless (2021)

I had this on my server and I thought I would give it a go. You never know sometimes these strange independent horror thrillers can be good.

The story was about a man that had a gambling problem that gets out of hand and then he tries to run away from the mobsters that are trying to get him and he gets attacked by a dog as he lost a bet from a dog fighting competition and a dog chases him down and bites his face and deforms him and then he goes under the knife and tries to get his life and identity back.

To be frank these kinds of stories could be good staying in novel story form but to make a low budget movie from it I am not a fan.

These independent movies well this one seemed like a university final assignment so that the director can get his degree and look for that it’s not bad it would pass but I still do not recommend it to be watched at all let alone the one time I watched it.

Now I had a look on IMDB and most of the cast is known for their work on thriller-horror flicks instead of one guy Terry Serpico he plays Dr Klien and I had a look at his IMDB resume and you will know him from the TV Show Army Wives.

I do not recommend this for anyone even though you may love horror thrillers this one you should give a miss.

Back in the days of DVD, I would say this would be a good drinks coaster.

Not suitable for the kids or anyone that watches good movies. I consider this a public service announcement. -10/10

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