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TV Show Review: Tatto Redo 2021 ((NETFLIX)

Well, the wife and I tried something different from all the cake shows we were watching its time to go on a cake free diet. 🙂

We both like art although never would get tattoos we like to hear the stories behind the tattoos that were made.

Now, this show talks about bad tattoos that were made when people were younger and then the tattoo artist goes over the top of it and makes a new one and you cannot see the original tattoo at all which is awesome.

The idea of this show is great but it’s not really a reality show competition its a reality show for tattoos, however, does not have prize money or any real hook the only thing that they try to spin is that the person with the bad tattoo brings a friend and the host says you will be getting a cover-up tattoo but you do not get to choose the cover-up your friend does and the faces that all of them make is crazy and I am still on the fence to see if they all really liked the tattoos chosen for them.

No competition money and nothing really special on the tattoos that were made only that the tattoo artists were really good when they were introducing them they would show the type of work they have done in the past to show the length of time they have had experience in the tattoo game but besides these epic displays, it did not look that good when you saw the works they did on the people on the show.

I do not feel this show would ever get a second season.

The whole show is 8 episodes for 29 to 30mins each except the last episode was cut to 20mins and well it seems by the end it ran out of ink.

Not bad for passing the time but nothing really special here.


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