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TV Show Review: Burn Notice: Season 4 (Disney+)

I know it’s been a while since my last review but I was getting back to a show that I started a while ago and finally finished season 4 of Burn Notice and I can tell you that we have gone deeper down the rabbit hole.

In season 4 Michael Fi and Sam are still on the chase to find who burned Michael and on this path they also get another spy burnt. Jesse becomes part of the team and Jesse is initially left in the dark about how Michael burnt him unintentionally and then, later on, he finds out and then Jesse becomes a guy that is also after Michael.

This is a small bump in the road for what else they must do to get closer and closer to who burnt Michael.

This show has so many familiar faces from a person that I have seen in shows like Spin City and Young Sheldon and big stars like the T100 from Terminator 2 Judgment day.

Event Burt Reynolds before he passed had a cameo in this season 4 series.

Although the show had all these good points I felt that season 4 had one flaw it was two episodes too long a show like Burn Notice should have 45min episodes with 16 episodes per season. Season 4 had eighteen episodes and they just dragged the story too long for that extra two episodes.

The other element of the show throughout the four seasons and counting and I may have mentioned it before but the fact that Michael’s voiceover when he or Fi or Sam are building a bomb or something he goes into the technical physics about how it’s done and I find this to be scary because if this part is factual does this stop any person not in their right mind to do any of that silly stuff.

I liked this season but at some point, up till episode 10 11, it was like a stroll in the spark because I was playing mobile games while watching this season.

What do others think about season 4?

As always lots of girls in bikinis and lots of explosions.

Not suitable for the kiddies as always.


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