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Movie Review: Injustice (NETFLIX 2021)

This morning I went through my never-ending list of Netflix content to watch and decided on Injustice a Warner Bros DC animated collaboration and it was surprisingly very good.

I remember playing the console game with the same name and the story I remember being different.

This started like any other story with a happy moment that went south fast and the good guys turned terrible all in the name of justice that genuinely was an injustice.

Although this is an animated movie it’s not for the young kids its MA15+ with a lot of animated violence and death scenes.

However, all this narrative was based on what you could say truth about what is happening around the world now and the main underlying aspect you could ask yourself is just because we know something is wrong and we should stop it are we the judge, jury and executioner of it or should it be done in a legal ethical way.

For a lot of you readers out there and viewers of Netflix content, I recommend this and even though it’s a cartoon you will be happy you watched this as the social message that it goes through is done well.

Although DC movies do not do that well their tv series are not that bad and their animated movies are done well.

You have the whole justice league in this animated movie including ATOM and Arrow.

When a really powerful good guy turns bad because of a massive loss it really takes the league to bring him back although it’s nothing he can really come back from.

Add this to your list watch it and let me know what you think?

8 to 9/10

Younger kids need to watch this with parental units. This does not hold back

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