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Movie Review: Reminiscence (2021) NETFLIX)

Reminiscence is the second movie for a Sunday I decided to watch. A movie set in the future about two army vets having a business for people who have lived their life and like to go back to revisit old memories that bring them happiness and joy.–yxf0

The story begins with a lady called May that comes to visit Nick and Watts because she has forgotten where she misplaced her keys.

This is the beginning of the downward spiral of the rabbit hole and you better strap yourself in because it’s a movie like one other but it has its own original flavour.

Reminiscence reminds me of the movie Inception.

Reminiscence has plenty of layers and twists and turns.

This is no movie that you can watch while also playing mobile games it is a visual film and a Science Fiction mystery that you have to try and keep up with.

There are three main performers that keep this movie turning and that is Hugh Jackman Thandie Newton and Rebecca Ferguson

I know this would be strange to say but on top of being a sci-fi murder mystery, it’s also a love story that goes for two hours long. I thought about this from yesterday if I should commit to it as it was two hours long however it’s slow in parts but does pay off its filmed at a certain pace that you need to watch and pay attention to details that assist with the story and the memories that keep the story flowing for the two hours.

I would not recommend this for kids it’s for 15 and above as the mature themes it covers is and can be kinda strange.

The sci-fi element is that they have a machine that a person can go into like a water tank they have now for relaxation etc. This water tank allows you to relive past memories and in this movie, it focuses on the happy memories at the start and then when you have to go down the twisted path of what occurred you see that this piece of technology if ever build can be used for court cases to help prove what occurred and who witnessed what as it gives you a visual showing of the memory. If they ever build this for the law it could come in handy.

Not sure if we are there yet but the question is how far into the future would we be to get that.

Give this new take on memory and sci-fi a go it’s as advised recommended and it’s Wolverine how can you go wrong with him.

IMDB gives it 5.8 and I on Netflix gave it a like not love but totally worth watching at least a solid 7/10 from me.

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