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Movie Review: The Night House (DISNEY+ 2021)

The Night House is something that I started to try and watch from my Plex server and then I found it on other services and it’s on the Mouse House subscription service something that was very surprising. Disney+ for me is primarily movies that are made for kids and the whole family.

The Night House is a horror-thriller flick that is something very different to what I watch and generally if I watch horror flicks it’s with my wife as protection 🙂

My wife has a black belt in horror flick watching.

This movie is good to take you on the journey with the leading lady Rebecca Hall who plays Beth a recent widow after her husband Owen commits suicide Beth goes on a mission to find out why and how it all happened and this is when it becomes a head trip and it keeps you on the edge of your seat trying to get to the answer of what happened to her husband and can Beth find him still alive??

The Night house has some small jump scares and there were times in the movies it gets real quiet and I took that as a queue to reduce the volume of the TV to not get myself too much scared.

This movie had a bunch of really cool special effects even with a basic story it was told well enough as I said to keep you invested. However, I did feel that it should or could have been 90mins long and it’s nearly 2 hours long and this I felt dragged it out a tad.

Although the cast was small the story was told well.

No one really famous just a solid cast that worked well together to tell the story.

I am not sure if this is a scary movie that will keep you up and give you nightmares but if you are not into horror flicks please do not watch this.

This of course is not suitable for kids. IMDB gives this an R+18 rating so definitely not suitable for the kids. Some parental adult units may also find this to be not their cup of tea.

A one-time watch for me no rewatch value here.


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