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TV Show Review: TITANS Season 2 (2018) (NETFLIX)

I am back with another review. This Titan’s review took longer than expected as for me it was different from the first season. The first season felt like any other superhero tv series light and family-friendly with a decent story.

Well, I was way wrong with season 2 it was a lot darker and slow-paced in telling the story. I even felt bored and found it hard to get into it and it took its time and by episode 4 before the story started to get interesting and make sense.

If you start season 2 of Titans give it a chance this season is a growing season, as well as the team, gets built on top of telling the overall titan story and getting to deal with Deathstroke yes the same bad guy as from the Arrow but not the same actor.

Each episode introduces a character and loops it in how it all becomes part of the Titans it’s a long way to tell the story but it’s worth it when you want to tell the story correctly.

You meet the whole team and by season 2 they are a team and have gone through a lot.

The issue I have with this show is that it’s dark and heavy and very violent and at times I found it hard to watch even after the slow-paced start it is graphically violent and it’s not for the faint-hearted and does not hold back to tell you the harsh truths of reality.

This is escapism but for some, you may need therapy after a few episodes.

For me, after some episodes, I had to take a break and watch something light like friends or The Big Bang Theory or snooker and even the NBA finals 🙂

These episodes are more than 40mins long some go near to an hour each and it’s totally worth it.

I looked this up and on IMDB we do have a fourth season coming I just don’t have a date yet.

I have a feeling that this will link into the DC TV series world and I am not sure where I saw this but this may link into Batwoman or even Supergirl?

However, as this was kinda heavy for me I am going to watch something light after this a comedy or even go to season 18 of Grey’s Anatomy I know a medical drama and I think that’s light 🙂

I do recommend this for major superhero fans but be prepared it’s not light and no kids below the age of 16 or 17 at times I feel it should have got an R+18 rating for the level of violence. IMDB gives this series overall for 3 seasons 7.6/10

I give the second season alone a solid 7/10

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