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Movie Review: Tekken: Kazuya’s Revenge (2014) TUBI

My random movie choice of the weekend was a movie I decided to watch from not my normal sources of Netflix, Disney and Plex but off a free streaming service called Tubi.

I have to say I am not sure what to think of this movie although the only thing that kept me going was it had Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa he is the actor that plays all the end bosses of all types of video games movies. He played Tsung Sun in Mortal Kombat the original from the ’90s.

In this movie, he plays the end boss called Heihachi and he is the only thing that kept me intrigued by the movie.

The rest of the cast for me is all new and unknown and the movie story is quite weak and for anyone that is not like me would have chosen to give this movie up less than halfway through but me no I have to be committed to these movies including the crap ones that kick their own ass kinda like a flawless victory for the opponent without the opponent having to raise a finger.

Tubi is a great free service that has some good alternatives that you can watch like some Van Damme movies and even Brokeback Mountain and In Time with Justin Timberlake in it.

This movie on the other hand is a movie for martial arts fans but you are not watching this for the storyline.

Also, there is unnecessary nudity and a sex scene that tries to connect an emotional connection for our character K he falls in love with his neighbour which turns out to be collateral damage.

Watch this at your own risk I would give this a 2/10

There are seven Tekken games none of which had sex and nudity and a better game storyline than this.

Not suitable for kids give it a miss if you can.

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