TV Shows Review: Derry Girls 2018 (NETFLIX)

Everything from teenage angst boyfriends girlfriends and a boy going to an all-girls school with no boy’s toilet and the fact that he is Eng

From suggestions from one of my tv show and movie reviews, and Facebook groups I was recommended to give this show based in Ireland in the 1990s a go and I have to be honest first time I tried to watch an episode I was tired and falling asleep. Today I gave it another go and I have to say I was very pleased with the show there was no Michael Flatline here it was an upbeat true to heart-honest comedy that really kept you well engaged and laughing out loud.

This story revolves around a 16-year-old girl and her friends and family and all they have to go through in the 1990s in a small town called Derry.

I loved this show it reminded me of so many nostalgic things that happened to me in the 1990s all because of the killer soundtrack the show has from Salt & Pepper and Snow who sang Informer. If you want to watch it for anything else watch it to listen to the music it’s 100% worth it just because of the music.

The comedy between the girlfriends from school is really good but I have to say the comedy that is between the father-in-law and the son-in-law is the best really funny and made me laugh out loud the most.

Everything from teenage angst boyfriends girlfriends and a boy going to an all-girls school with no boy’s toilet and the fact that he is English in Ireland and how they show how although they are the same they are seen as different.

There was a scene where the father tries to put on an Aussie accent that is so far off the mark it’s funny.

There is a headmistress nun that at first starts off like hardcore and then by the end of the sixth episode of season 1 and she just did not care anymore from blocking the types of music the girls sang mostly stopping songs about love sex girls boys etc and making them have detention for bullying on a school bus.

A Father that is a Father but still on the fence unsure if the priesthood is really his calling?

You have an exchange student that is from Ukraine and is always mistaken for Russian I know that the timing is a little off but it’s done in a tasteful way.

Ohh and going back to the boy that is in the all-girls school they all think that he’s gay but he is not and even when he defends gay and lesbian rights he says I am all for gays and lesbians but I am not gay.

This is a great show each season not too long and each episode is around 30mins and that’s all you need little bite chunks that keep you going.

There is a lot of swearing and adult themes but it’s done as mentioned tastefully and you are really taken back to the 1990s

Not suitable for the kiddies 15 and above younger teens from 13 please have an adult with you.

IMDB gives it 8.5/10 I give it a solid 9/10 for pure fun and escapism but I feel as advised this has heart and does touch on some true difficult topics but I hope in seasons 2 and 3 they go deeper and aren’t afraid to tackle the bigger issues?

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