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Movie Reviews: CINDERELLA (1950) DISNEY+

Yesterday was not my best movie day experience the ladies took over the viewing of what I was watching.

Although I got away from the first movie the second one I could not get away from and we watched it as a family in the family room.

Due to my daughter being in there we had started a few months ago Cinderella the original 1950s Disney cartoon.

Although my little 3-year-old was not into it until the very end near the grand ball scene did she put down her or should I say my tablet and pay attention to the movie.

Now during this whole time of watching this old movie that I remember having on VHS back in the day when you could watch Friday night family movies and had a massive VHS collection this movie was not one of my favourites and watching it last night felt like it took an eternity which IMDB tells me it’s only an hour and fifteen minutes.

For me, it’s a movie that even when watching now at above 40 I find traumatizing as this evil stepmother was so unfair and unjust to Cinderella and as we all know locks her up in the tower near the end and all the animals save the day. Actually do we not think that Prince Charming is not the mice that come to her aid and the dog.

Thinking about this movie today would it not turn the new generation into vegans?

If only we all had animals and pets that would save us like that and we would all go vegan.

Although a movie that is G rated I would advise that some themes and scenes are a little scary for the young ones 3 and under or if you are a 40-year-old male with traumatic experiences 🙂

Do you think this movie had a lot of songs because I could only remember 2 or three not really so many it would have its own soundtrack?

I give it a 6/10 and recommend you all watch Malifiencet instead more of a reality of what true love is about.

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