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Movie Reviews: Wonder Woman 1984 (2020) NETFLIX

One of our first normal Sundays back together with my wife although she has not gone anywhere this was the first chance we got to watch a movie at home together and without missing a beat we dived back into the DC Universe this time and the wifey choose WW84.

Initially, the movie starts with Diana’s childhood and we get to see how special she really is.

This second instalment is a movie on its own and has nothing to do with the other DC Universe movies it’s a standalone origin movie.

The movie goes for two and a half hours and there was only one time with only thirty minutes to go did I ever feel that it lost momentum I checked the time left on the running movie time.

All in all, it is a very strong part of the whole DC Universe it really is leaps and bounds a better story and movie from the two leading men of the DC Universe and that is Superman and Batman although Superman has improved come on Batman with Ben Affleck is still as worse as George Clooney’s version.

Wonder Woman 1984 is all about love longing and wishing for more and at some point, I was thinking I am watching Aladdin and not the Will Smith version go with the animated version. However this movie you had more than three wishes well kinda.

Each person had one wish but when you multiply that across the whole world it’s more than three wishes.

You are stuck as the title tells you in the year 1984 and Gal Gadot is amazing she does an excellent job holding the movie together.

Chris Pine was good too however every time I saw him on the screen he looked like his character from Star Trek and it was like two comic book genres clashing and not in a good way.

A good movie to watch with the family get the popcorn and candy out and enjoy the ride.

I loved the moral of the story and I’ll try not to spoil it but it’s about family and how important it is.

A movie that I do recommend and put it on your Netflix list if you have not already and if you have and then procrastinated by waiting to watch it with family it’s totally worth it and then remove it from your list so you can add something new.

A solid 8/10

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